Explosion of Waves

by Jamie Reeves Magic

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From the album 2038 A Message Through Time - Written by Jamie Reeves produced by Josh Reeves


I'm serving you coffee
I'm serving you information
All you have to do is listen
About poverty and inflation
They want your life not just material bullshit
They want your time not just the clock on the wall
Separate yourself from all the greedy deities and breathe in the taste of natures pure alcohol

I'm channeling color, I'm channeling codes and visions
All you have to do is listen for creativity in sake of your sanity
The connection infection is traveling fast so break open your head and get a tight grasp of creating and mating with holographic time, this civilization keeps crumbling it's all by design

This explosion of waves has got my mind in haze and I feel high
This slave system of lies has taken over your life and you feel low
you're all by yourself
you're in your civilized shell
you're big but you think you're small, you're big but you think you're small

I'm in masonic heritage the stones are aligned the moon is divine
I can feel it all around me
These architects of control are finally taking their toll
They're debating and fading with holographic earth
They've all lost their minds and the gold has lots it's worth
I know you keep thinking, what is the time? but I'm telling you darling, there is no time

Repeat chorus


released April 20, 2008
Jamie reeves - lyrics, guitar, vocals



all rights reserved